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Virtual Office Houston

Impress clients with an elite office space for a fraction of the typical cost

Servcorp provides business professionals in Houston with an easy and inexpensive way to reap the benefits of having a physical, professional office without the long-term commitment or expensive rates.

Servcorp Virtual Office in Houston provide companies with access to the office tools they need to survive in a competitive business environment while allowing you to be mobile in any part of the world.

Which Houston Virtual Office Location Meets Your Business Needs?

Virtual Office in Downtown Houston

Virtual Office in Downtown Houston

This extremely desirable office location provides instant recognition as it is located in The Bank of America Center, a building vital to the business sector of Houston, Texas. The building’s famous spire design makes for a well-known, prestigious address smack dab in the middle of downtown Houston, a location both prominent and easily accessible.

1-832-390-2600 for more information.

Communications: $139.00

Address: $139.00

The Membership: $50.00

The Virtual Office: $279.00

Bank of America Center

700 Louisiana Street

Suite 3950

Houston, TX 77002

Tel: +1 832 390 2600

Fax: +1 832 390 2750

Virtual Office near Houston's Central Business District

Virtual Office near Houston’s Central Business District

On the outskirts of Houston’s Central Business District, Servcorp office locations in the Williams Tower provide a business address located in one of the most iconic buildings in Texas due to the tower’s height, visibility and pleasing visual aesthetics. It also offers patrons some of the finest services and facilities in the area, including a 3-acre car park, 5-star hotels and restaurants, high-end shopping and convenient transportation.

1-832-390-2400 for more information.

Communications: $149.00

Address: $149.00

The Membership: $50.00

The Virtual Office: $299.00

Williams Tower

2800 Post Oak Boulevard

Suite 4100

Houston, TX 77056

Tel: +1 832 390 2400

Fax: +1 832 390 2350

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