Why Servcorp

Servcorp's aim is to make your business successful by providing the best teams, locations, technology,
and most flexible and transparent agreements in the industry.

Our team

Every Servcorp location has a highly qualified team on hand to ensure you have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Your Servcorp Receptionist become the face and voice of your business, while your Servcorp Executive Assistant becomes your single point of contact for all administrative needs.

The moment you join Servcorp, you have additional team members as immediate resources; fully trained, professional individuals who thrive on a challenge - allowing you to focus on your business.


Our locations

We have found the world's greatest office locations and have invested in our modern, classic fit-out. This is not to make us the premium brand in the workspace industry, but to ensure your business is the premium brand in your industry. Your business address will generate instant credibility for your company as your office will be located in a reputable Class A office building.

Servcorp's global technology platform has been created to give you a competitive advantage.

Technology that works

Servcorp's global technology platform has been created to give you a competitive advantage.

Complimentary Wi-Fi with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime allows for uninterrupted productivity during your work day. With Servcorp's communications technology, your calls are handled in the ideal manner for your business, per your instructions. Servcorp Online allows you to manage your business online, in real time.

Our IT team is on-hand to support your technology requirements, so you can focus on driving revenue for your company.

Flexibility and transparency

As the most flexible provider in the industry, we provide month-to-month agreements as our standard term, allowing your membership to change as your business's needs change.

Be quick to market with instant operations at any location across the globe when you sign up online. Our online booking system works with your schedule, allowing you to book on-demand resources on the go, online, and in real time.

In addition to our Virtual Office packages, we offer additional services on a pay-as-you-go basis with cost structure provided on Servcorp Online so there are no surprises.

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