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Where you work can say a lot about your company

"No question, virtual offices pack a marketing punch... — anyone with a laptop can start a business anywhere. But location still matters."

      - CNBC Business News, May 2017

Marcus Moufarrige

Why This Legacy Company Is Betting on a Glass Highrise Vision of the Flexible Workspace

"When Servcorp talks about the importance of first impressions, it’s referring to its office building addresses, as well as the fact that clients get a Servcorp employee to be their receptionist."

      - Entrepreneur, June 2017

One World Trade Center Coworking

Shared Work Spaces Spread, Mixing Styles and Services

"...Servcorp supplies three things landlords of conventional offices usually do not: tenant services, collaboration technology and networking opportunities."

      - The New York Times, July 2017

Run your international company like a small business

Why You Should Run Your International Company Like A Small Business

"This simple set of rules allows us to reduce costs and share overheads for business success. An agile and human-centric design is not just another set of buzzwords — it's how even large corporations can prove that Goliaths can be just as efficient as the disruptive Davids."

    - Marcus Moufarrige, Forbes Real Estate Council, October 2017

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