Mail Forwarding

Customizable mail handling options provided by Servcorp.

Enjoy mail and courier management personalized per your company's preferences included in the Servcorp Address Package.

Secure Mail & Courier Management

Servcorp will receive mail in your company name as part of The Address Package. A team member will sort the mail, and you will receive a complimentary notification via email when a piece of mail or package arrives.

Mail is held complimentary at Servcorp for pickup. Other options for personalized mail management include scan to email, fax, and mail redirection or mail forwarding to a specified address, all as requested and on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Servcorp team can redirect mail to a domestic or international address at your request.

Our Address Package offers mail forwarding, and more:

  • A prestigious address for your website, collateral, and business registration
  • Mail and courier management
  • An assistant for administrative tasks
  • 1 hour per day FREE use of coworking space worldwide
  • Secure, high-speed FREE Wi-Fi
  • Month-by-month contract, no security deposit

Servcorp can provide you with more than just customized mail management. Familiarize yourself with our total business solution, The Virtual Office Package, which includes a local business number, access to on-demand meeting space, and more!

Use the "Build" menu to determine which Virtual Office Package is the best fit for your company based on the services you require.

Business address

Servcorp can provide you with an address that will secure your client’s respect and trust. Discover how an Address Package with Servcorp will help increase your revenue.

Virtual assistant

Servcorp ensures you focus your time in the right areas. Let a Servcorp team member handle administrative tasks while you make an impact on revenue.

Mail forwarding

Let the Servcorp team ensure your packages, letters and faxes get where they need to be, no matter where you are. Servcorp's Address Package includes mail management with personalized options for your company.

Phone answering

Never miss a call again. With a Servcorp Communications Package, your dedicated Receptionist will answer your calls in your company name, and transfer calls per your instructions.

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