Telephone Answering

A dedicated Receptionist handling your incoming calls as instructed. Never miss a call again.

When was the last time you were looking for a new service, and when the call went to voicemail (or worse, an automated recording), you left a message and waited to solve your problem until the company returned your call? Probably never. Most likely, you hung up and dialed the next company listed in your Google search for help.

Your company cannot afford to lose incoming calls with new business opportunities. With Servcorp, never miss a call again.

Servcorp's Communications Package provides a local telephone number in the market of your choice, with a dedicated Receptionist handling your incoming calls per your instructions. There are no call centers, and no room for error. Call handling preferences can even be updated online, in real time!

Our Communications Package offers telephone answering, and the below benefits:

  • Local business telephone number
  • Dedicated Receptionist to answer and transfer your calls
  • Adjust your receptionist's instructions, online, instantly
  • Never miss a call with Servcorp's technology
  • Assistant for administrative tasks
  • Access to the Servcorp Community
  • Month-by-month contract, no security deposit

Discover the benefits of a full virtual office with Servcorp, including communications features, plus a prestigious business address and fully trained in-house administrative support, ensuring your business's requirements are completely covered.

Use the "Build" menu to determine which Virtual Office Package is the best fit for your company based on the services you require.

Business address

Servcorp can provide you with an address that will secure your client's respect and trust. Discover how an Address Package with Servcorp will help increase your revenue.

Virtual assistant

Servcorp ensures you focus your time in the right areas. Let a Servcorp team member handle administrative tasks while you make an impact on revenue.

Mail forwarding

Let the Servcorp team ensure your packages, letters and faxes get where they need to be, no matter where you are. Servcorp's Address Package includes mail management with personalized options for your company.

Phone answering

Never miss a call again. With a Servcorp Communications Package, your dedicated Receptionist will answer your calls in your company name, and transfer calls per your instructions.

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